19, biromantic demisexual, merfolkkin.
Squidgender, gill/gills/gillself pronouns (message me if you are unable to use these).
A blog for all the kin/gender ramblings I can't put on my main.
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Truscum are just upset that anti-truscum are winning the gender games

Reasons why we need more truscum people #1682: People are calling gender a game

gender is a game…

Gender is a great game cis people are just the jerks that if they don’t have the best winnings they flip the board and ‘lose’ the pieces.

I really hate how clothing and makeup and shit is gendered

because most of the time I like jeans and t-shirt but I find the ‘girls’ skinny jeans more comfortable

and the ‘girls’ t-shirts are v necks that don’t feel too close around my neck for comfort (idk it might be related to my kin stuff but I really hate anything too close around my neck)

and when I get dressed up I like dresses and make up and shit

Idk it just makes me feel really insecure about my new gender


labels are for soup cans and queer kids who want to know that they aren’t alone




Source: http://www.monsterhighdolls.com/forum/topics/sdcc-2014-sightings-thread?page=26&commentId=5907260%3AComment%3A3263208&x=1#5907260Comment3263208

(Lorna, we wanted to take a snapshot, not a snapneck)


I have never been into dolls since like grade three but daaammmnnnn i want the top gal


If you say you’re an Ace ally and then go and say “Demisexual isn’t a thing” I got news for you

you’re not an Ace ally.

Okay, links to an example of how to use my gill pronouns and a little ramble about my gender are now on my main page (not sure if view-able on mobile, if someone could check that would be great).

  • Things that should be encouraged: people and beings experimenting with pronouns and not feeling comfortable in a new label so continue id-ing as cis just yet, but make it clear that they are experimenting and are exploring their gender.
  • Things that should be banished to the shadow realm: people and beings choosing nounself pronouns to represent/help id with their kintype, and are not experimenting with gender/are perfectly comfortable iding as cis.
Anonymous asked: Hello! I am just a bit confused as how your pronouns work (yeah, I'm feeling a bit stupid too. But if you could just help me that would be really awesome? She/he= Her/his= Their(is it okay to use their and them?)= Thank you!

(ask #2) Oh I am so so sorry, just scrolled down, and found an explanation! Sorry to bother you! ‘^.^

Ah no I’m sorry anon, I’ve been meaning to link to an explanation and example of my pronouns and gender on my main page to make it more accesable, my internet’s just been so shitty it would have taken hours that I don’t have. Also anon you seem sweet, but st*p*d is an ableist slur. If you could not use it that would be great (foolish or ridicules would be better here).

And there’s no reason to put yourself down, nounself pronouns are hard even if (like me) you’re neurotypical with english as a first language (fucking english is hard anon, so fucking hard). 

It’s no bother, I love when beings clearly make an effort (like you did!) and don’t mind explaining things when you try to be sweet and respectful. It’s just when people demand to be educated on the more common stuff instead of like googling ‘demisexual’ that bothers me. 

If you have any questions feel free to ask! I wouldn’t mind answering. 

'Nonbinarymerfolk started following you'

My comrades have come.