19, biromantic demisexual, merfolkkin.
Squidgender, gill/gills/gillself pronouns (message me if you are unable to use these).
A blog for all the kin/gender ramblings I can't put on my main.
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Cis otherkin shouldn’t use nounself pronouns.

Even if they fit your kintype.

If you’re that attatched to them, you might want to consider that you might not be cis.

But cis people shouldn’t use nounself pronouns.

They are for non-binary people and beings.

Ocean-themed pronouns aren’t meant for cis ocean-related otherkin. They are for non-binary people

K!nshaming like my k!ntype holding a little laminated sign

"Sometimes I forget that my prey friends don’t like to be chased NEARLY as much as I like to chase."

"I’ve tried to steal teeth from my shark friends for jewelry."

"I kept baring my teeth and flexing claws, spooking my prey friends."

squidgender also fits me great because i have an excuse to use cephalopods in my explanations and golly gosh do i love cephalopods

Basically my gender is like this; imagine you’re on a boat, and searching for a squid.You have your sonar, and it tells you boop boop there’s a squid down in them seas. So you send down a diver to try to find and get the squid on camera. You know it’s down there, and you get a rough idea of what type of squid it can’t be (for me I know my gender isn’t masculine at all). But when you try to get closer with the camera the squid cutie gets spooked. And the squid inches away, just out of camera range. So you push further to try to follow, but this spooks the squid more! The more aggressive and persistent you are the more the squid gets shy and runs away until eventually you’re low on oxygen and have no idea where the squid went or where your boat is and you have to take a long time getting back to where you started.

In the end you’re frustrated,stressed out, very tired, and have started second-guessing yourself if that was even a squid in the first place.


The rare bits and pieces I found :3 #seaglass #mermaidtears #beachglass


OK I did not expect to find #seaglass in #yellowstone #lakeglass


gender: tumblr social justice bullshit


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merbabe-ish asked: Hi! My name is Paige (she/her pronouns apply) and I'm interested in talking to mermaidkin/merfolkkin. I have always felt an intense connection to the sea and I just want to talk about my feelings to someone who has already identified as a mermaidkin/merfolkkin. Please, if you don't mind, post this so they can find me (:



Hi Paige! Feel free to drop some questions to me!

*excited bouncing* cephalopods